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Avalon Dry Cleaners is committed to providing quality Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in the city. We pay attention to the smallest of details providing consistent results, eco-friendly cleaning and friendly service We continually strive to exceed our customers expectations.

What we offer

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Fine Dry Cleaning Calgary

Trust Avalon Cleaners for your dry cleaning in Calgary - we offer high quality dry cleaning as well as laundering services. You can trust your best high-end fashion clothing with Avalon Cleaners, committed to customer service, quality cleaning. We also offer pick up and drop off service.

We cater to individuals looking for custom dry cleaning services. Avalon Cleaners offers free pick up and drop off of dry cleaning for many of Calgary's largest companies including many of our finer hotels. With over 30 years of experience we’ve been proven to be reliable and consistently provide high-end dry cleaning services. Located near the downtown core on Centre Street we have a convenient location for many of our downtown clients needing dry cleaning services.

Although Avalon Cleaners carries a reputation of excellence of dry cleaning for fine fashion and couture items, we maintain the same high standard for detail with all clothing. Each item is inspected for missing buttons, loose seams and hard to see stains before moving on to the cleaning process. Your wardrobe will look better and last longer than if they were laundered at home – it's convenient and we’ll help you to look your best.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

Avalon Cleaners uses a safe, eco-friendly cleaning solution which does not produce any hazardous health, safety or environmental affects or issues. GenX® dry cleaning solution is a powerful cleaner that effectively cleans and brightens most fabrics but is still gentle enough to be used to clean delicate items such as, wedding dresses, finely-beaded clothing and sequin gowns.

Avalon Cleaners is proud to use an effective and environmentally cleaning solution that just wasn’t available in years past.

GenX® dry cleaning benefits include:

  • Exceptional cleaning
  • Excellent brightness
  • Gentle on fabrics

GenX® environment-friendly benefits include:

  • Biodegradable - no underground water or soil contamination danger
  • No known probable carcinogens
  • No hazardous air pollutants

Avalon Cleaners has recently invested in additional new equipment to provide for the growing consumer's demand of eco-friendly dry cleaning services.